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Addiction is treatable.

Treatment works.

People recover.


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I host the SeventyX7 Podcast with my son, Heath and the staff of Cedar Recovery. In each episode, we uncover the science behind addiction and the incredible stories that are changing the way we treat opioid use disorder.

I am a doctor serving those suffering from opioid addiction.

The hidden war raging in the opioid crisis is a war being raged in the treatment industry between people who believe in only abstinence and those who believe only in medication. Both sides are dogmatic. Caught in the middle are people suffering from opioid use disorder and their families and friends who have no idea where to turn or what treatment works best for them. Complicating this mess is a disparity in resources that people with an addiction have access to.


I believe that no one is beyond saving. There are countless ways to recovery from opioid addiction. My goal is to help people find the path that's best for them.


Join our team. Help us end the opioid crisis.

Thanks for getting involved!

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